Awesome walls & gardens to beautify your tabletop

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to receive a set of the brand new Wall with Railings set from Paul Edwards at Sabotag3d. I couldn’t wait to get started and put them together and then paint them up. I even took photos at every stage!

The set I received was a sampler of the set, and contained a handful of iron gates, columns with spherical finials, and then sections of wall with a brick base and iron railings. As usual, the detail of the pieces and the quality of the print was exceedingly high.

There’s enough pieces to create an enclosure, but I wanted to use them to produce some 3-sided yards/gardens that I could place alongside houses and hotels to add interesting urban details.

I started by getting a large sheet of 3mm hardboard and playing around with configurations. When I was happy I marked the general shape with a Sharpie and cut the base shapes out. The edges were chamfered and sanded. I wanted to put some trees into a couple of the gardens, so at this point I drilled pilot holes.

The next stage involved texturing the areas I wanted as paving. I applied a thin coat of quick drying filler and then rolled a wet textured roller from GreenStuffWorld over it before it dried.

The railings and walls were then glued into place using a hot glue gun. One of the gardens was going to have a different wall along a couple of the sides so I glued some 5mm foamcore in place, and then gave it a coating of filler. I then mixed up a ‘slurry’ of filler and water (70:30) and applied it over the resin pieces to give them more texture. I tried not to obscure any detail, but I did push it between some of the bricks to create mortar.

Once this was dried I applied some pva and sharp sand along the base of the walls, and then left it to dry. Once dry everything was given a coat of grey primer to bring it all together.

In terms of painting it all I started by doing the messiest bit first – the paving. I used various grey emulsion paints from Wilko, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and then drybrush in lighter greys. Some washes to add weathering, and then I started on the walls. The brick sections were painted with Vallejo Orange Brown, given a wash of Agrax and then highlighted with various sandy colours. The mortar was picked out in places with a light beige.

The stone pieces were painted with Karak Stone, washed again in Agrax and drybrushed with lightened Karak Stone. The railings were first painted with Tamiya’s Dark Iron, then given a drybrush of silver and some orangey rust effects. It was finished off with a few more washes, some muddy bits at the base (done by painting the soil areas and then allowing the brush to skim the lower parts of the wall).

The final stages were hot-gluing some trees into the pilot holes, flocking the grassy areas and applying a few tufts from Tajima.

The end result is a set of 3 very versatile and modular gardens/yards that I can use to add detail to urban setups. The wall and railing set is fantastic, and is a great set to have on hand when creating urban settings.

Hopefully this will have inspired you to pick up the set and see what you can do with them 😊



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